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Are you new to spread betting and trading? Are you looking for stock trading advice? Do you want to learn how to carry out financial spread betting successfully? Poelem are here to support people new to trading and spread betting, helping you find your feet in the stock trading world. We can offer you a full introductory session to get you started in trading, with advice, and subscription-based support packages if you need. Or if you prefer, we can trade on your behalf entirely, and aside from our small fee, all the profits are yours, tax free. 


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What is spread betting?

Spread betting is essentially gambling on a future stock market price. You can bet on whether the price of a certain stock or index rises or falls, and you ‘win’ or ‘lose’ based on this outcome. Once you’ve learned financial spread betting, with careful study, intuition, and foresight, you may find you’ll be able to predict the rises and falls successfully, and make yourself a tidy, tax-free profit. However, spread bets also come with considerable liability, and you can also find yourself losing much more than the initial bet. Without advice, training and risk management, this can result in amateur traders facing enormous and unexpected liabilities, which can even cause bankruptcies. This is why Poelem’s service is so important.





How can Poelem help me?

   Day trading guidance

We can help you get started, teach you financial spread betting, tweak your strategy and answer questions on all things associated with amateur trading on the global markets. We will explain the things you shouldn't be paying for, such as charting or statistical modelling, news feeds and market updates.

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   Day trading on your behalf

We can trade your capital for you, through our own trading account. We use the CMC Markets platform, one of the first to be established and still one of the best. We can agree a fixed term for your capital to be held with us, and of course all the profits are tax free.

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   Our AirBnB

Our small cottage in Lincolnshire makes for a perfect getaway retreat for a busy city trader or anyone visiting the town of Louth on business. It is located in the quiet area of the old town away from traffic, but close to all the amenities.

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Have you always wanted to trade stocks and shares?

But perhaps you were worried about the risks, the administration, the tax, and all the other pitfalls? Poelem is here to help you navigate these problems, finding the right trading platform, and connecting you with news feeds and models that are both free and easy-to-use. You can learn financial spread betting, safely, successfully, and in the method that best suits your trading style. We have a one-off consultation fee and also some subscription-based support packages if required. We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire so that we can tailor the session to your needs.






Learn financial spread betting

Find your way into trading, and make a tax-free income from the stock market: contact Poelem on 07368 484468 to arrange a bespoke consultation.

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Disclaimer: Spread betting can bring great rewards. If you bet a pound per point against the FTSE price rising, and it rises 100 points, you will gain £100. However, if it falls 100 points, that is the amount you will lose, and you will end up having to pay 100 times the initial bet. While Poelem’s guidance and support can help you mitigate many of the risks, your bets and liabilities are ultimately your responsibility.