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Trading stocks can be an incredibly rewarding, enjoyable way of earning extra income in your spare time, using your knowledge, intuition and limits. For an inexperienced trader, the risks can be greater than they first imagined. Once you are aware of your risks and liabilities, these can then be managed through planning and calculation, enabling you to maximise your potential gains, minimise unwanted liability, and enjoy your trading experience to the fullest extent.

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A bespoke trade consulting service, tailored to your needs

We offer three levels of service for your trading endeavours:


1. Consulting

This is the most fundamental level of support we offer, enabling you to understand the basics of stock trading, the risks and rewards, and connecting you with the necessary news feeds and statistical models to help you trade successfully. This is for traders who have some confidence and wish to bet on stocks independently, with the added satisfaction of outplaying the system by yourself. Get in touch today for trade consulting.

2. Trading support

If you want ongoing support and advice in the stock trading and financial market, Poelem are happy to provide a subscription service, supporting you as you gain confidence and understanding of spread betting and CFDs. We can help you tweak your strategy and answer any questions that may arise as you perform your trading. Contact us today for ongoing stock trading advice.

3. Proxy trading

If you prefer to let someone else take the risks for you, we offer a fully transparent and responsive proxy trading service. In this way, we manage your bets and trading contracts, and use our skill and expertise to make sure you maximise your profits. Control of the situation is always entirely yours, in terms of how much, or how little, you want to invest and risk. Call today to speak with us about our transparent, expert proxy trading service.






Why come to Poelem?

financial spread betting advice, subscription consulting service and proxy trading.

Our trading services are flexible to your needs, transparent and reliable. Our consultant has been trading since 2004, and has an honest, transparent and ethical approach to all trading. You can learn about a wide range of trading techniques, including financial spread betting, CFD (contract for differences) trades, and trading on stocks, indices, and commodities such as gold, silver, copper, oil, rice, coffee etc. Your session will be tailored to what you need to know, and you will find all explanations straightforward and easy to pick up.

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financial spread betting & stock market advice

Poelem offer stock market advice, to help you manage your stocks and commodities on the financial market. Make a tax-free income from the stock market: contact Poelem on 07368 484468 to arrange a bespoke consultation.

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Disclaimer: Spread betting can bring great rewards. If you bet a pound per point against the FTSE price rising, and it rises 100 points, you will gain £100. However, if it falls 100 points, that is the amount you will lose, and you will end up having to pay 100 times the initial bet. While Poelem’s guidance and support can help you mitigate many of the risks, your bets and liabilities are ultimately your responsibility.